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Think Physical Therapy

Counterstrain Your Way To A Pain-Free Life.

Hi! I’m Saxony, I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy who believes there is a better way to get clients back to their optimal pain-free lifestyle than the standard cookie-cutter form of physical therapy treatment and the way pain is managed within the Western Medicine paradigm.

Fascial Counterstrain is the solution (FCS).

FCS is a highly specific indirect hands-on technique that focuses on treating dysfunctional connective tissue in every system in the body. This is why Fascial Counterstrain treatment is so impactful. It accounts for every structure that can cause dysfunction, spasm, and inflammation, getting to the root cause of the pain, gently and effectively.

I graduated from Grand Valley State University with both a Doctorate of Physical Therapy and Bachelor’s in Health Communications. My other passions are dance, Pilates, and Rebounding.

Contact or 616.528.0585 to schedule your initial visit and see for yourself how gentle and impactful this technique truly is!